Struten Lighthouse

Struten Lighthouse
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Offshore from Fredrikstad at eastern edge of the Oslofjord, the little island of Struten has had a lighthouse since 1907. Fully automated since 1985, it is 41 foot tall (12.5 meters), and has a wood tower with lantern and gallery attached to the front of a 1-1/2 story wood keeper’s house. German troops fortified the island during World War II, but the fortifications saw no fighting.

The Old Struten Lighthouse Association (Stiftelsen Gamle Struten) http://struten.no/ has leased the house from the Kystverket and made it available for overnight accommodations. The funds that come into the rental is used in its entirety to the ongoing maintenance and gradual upgrading of equipment, installations and equipment.

The old lighthouse has three floors with stunning views. At the entrance from the courtyard is a shed with additional accommodations. The Old Boathouse can also be used for a dining at its long table.


  • Rental must be booked directly on the Oslofjord Outdoor Council
  • E-mail oslofjf@online.no  http://www.oslofjorden.org  (Norwegian only)
  • Booking a full week of summer vacation is very affordable. Tel +47 67 55 49 90
  • Per Day NOK 2,400 (weekend Friday – Sundays. NOK 4,800). 
Whole week in school holidays NOK 7,500
  • Rentals are usually to one tenant at a time, rentals including counts all the buildings on the island.
  • A few days before coming to the lighthouse, tenants are asked to contact the Foundation at Struten Skjalg Sorensen, Tel +47 99 71 02 93 
or Eric Martin, Tel +47 48 24 87 19) for information on the status, consumables etc.

General Information

  • There is sleeping space for about 15 people.
  • Mattresses and pillows on all beds, bring pillowcases and sheets. There are also eight lightweight summer quilts, bring your duvet cover if desired.
  • Cistern water available for washing and cooking, but you must bring drinking water.
  • There is no electricity.
  • Gas unit: use 95-octane gasoline (not oil blend).
  • Propane refrigerator, bring propane for refrigerator use.
  • A brochure with relevant information(printable version) is available in Word format.


Getting to the lighthouse

For transportation, please contact:

  • Foundation Struten via Skjalg Sorensen
    Tel + 47 99 71 02 93\
who can arrange transportation contact.
  • Taxi Boats AS
    Uthogget 7
    1680 Cutting Hall
    Tel + 47 90 11 60 33


Struten is a paradise for scuba diving. The water is crystal clear and it is a fantastic underwater. Diving clubs regularly visit here. There are several shipwrecks around Struten. The wreck of th bark “Sir John Lawrence”was located in 1997 and is considered a marine archaeological finds of great interest.

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