The North Sea Road – Nordsjøvegen

The North Sea Road – Nordsjøvegen
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From Kristiansand, heading northwest toward Fjord Norway, the road climbs as it nears Jøssingfjord and then heads through the relatively flatter, broad terrain of the Jæren coast. The road continues to Stavanger and across to Haugesund.

The presence here of so many lighthouses is easy to understand given the role this area has played. For centuries, the North Sea has been the site of important shipping and and fishing. It has been prominent in both geopolitical and military affairs. The Vikings set out from the North Sea beginning in the 8th century and continued expansions through the 11th century. The Hanseative League (13th to 17th centuries), and later British and Dutch traders vied to dominate the North Sea markets. During both World Wars, the North Sea was vitally strategic as Germany’s only outlet to the Atlantic ocean.

Visitnorway.com is a great site to begin learning about The North Sea Road (and about Norway in general of course). There are many sights and attractions along way.

  • There is page devoted to the North Sea Road, with many links, on its Southern Norway section. Click here.
  • And it has another page devoted to  The North Sea Road here.

Northsearoad.co.uk is a great resource. 

  • This is a big site with lots of information about getting around as things to do
  • Check out the useful map with keys to attractions along the way.

Here is a list of the lighthouses along the way with links to expanded articles on most of them. Accommodations are available as noted. Many can be visited.




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