Tungenes Lighthouse

Tungenes Lighthouse
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Slideshow photo credits:
bester95, Bouli_wro, Thorstein K. Berg,
Enric Brunet, FamL1, Hans Klausen,
Atle Riska, Amelia Royan,  Sandalsand,
Geir Ole Søreng, Jarle Vines, Ingelise Wilhelmsen

At the northernmost tip of the Jæren coast stands Tungenes Lighthouse (Norwegian: Tungenes fyr). Tungenes is a wooden building and stands on the headland Tungenes in Randaberg, Norway. It was established in 1828, closed down in 1984,  and stands 39 feet (12 meters) tall. Today, a fully-automated light operates on a little island called Bragen which lies a bit out in the sea from the old lighthouse building.

The Jæren Coast is one of Norway’s many jewels and is a natural outing for those visiting Stavanger. There are four other wonderful lighthouses strung out along this coast: Feistein, Obrestad, Kvassheim, and Lille Presteskjær. See the articles on the individual lighthouses and the article detailing the Jæren coast itself.

The lighthouse keeper’s house dates from 1938 and the assistant’s house is from 1957-58. The lighthouse has been restored to its 1930s appearance and now serves as a fine arts and cultural center, lighthouse and maritime museum. The lighthouse is open daily 12–4 PM from mid-June to mid-August, and Sundays 12–4 PM the rest of the year.

Randaberg is just north of Stavanger. It is believed that the first people to come to this area did so around 12,000 BC. Today, Randaberg is an active agricultural community. Local beaches are among the finest (and the northernmost) along the Jæren coast. Randaberg is 8 miles (13 km) from Stavanger, about a 20 car drive. One can also get to Randaberg by bus from Stavanger Sentrum.

The headland on which Tungenes stands is windswept and beautiful. You walk from the harbor past the Norsk Sjobruk museum for old boats and engines and follow a path past cows along a dirt road to the lighthouse. One can see how the keeper used to live and climb the narrow stair case up to see the old lantern. The surrounding area is especially dramatic and beautiful at sunset and after a fresh snowfall. There are temporary exhibits at the lighthouse, including pictures of other lighthouses along the southwestern coast. A café is also located in the compound where you can enjoy cake, waffles, and coffee. You can also climb down the rocks to the sea.

There are more wonderful shots of Tungenes Lighthouse by Thorstein K. Berg, Studio Toffa. Click here.

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Video Blog Tungenes Fyr (LIghthouse) has a you-are-there, documentary feeling.

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Driving: Stavanger to Randaberg

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