Tvistein, little lighthouse with a big impact

Tvistein, little lighthouse with a big impact
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Tvistein may not look like much compared to its big brother Svenner Lighthouse, but it is very important to mariners.

It is known that at least a dozen shipwrecks have happened in less than one nautical mile (1852 meters) from Tvistein Lighthouse. The area from the Nevlunghavn Svenner, including Rakkeboene has been called a real “sailor-killer” in the past.

Tvistein Lighthouse is  near Nevlunghavn in Larvik municipality, Vestfold county. It stands on the easternmost of two small islets about 1.8 miles (3 kilometers) south of Hummerbakkfjorden. The Norwegian name Tvistein means two stones, here referring to the two round, “stone-like” islands.

The lighthouse was built in 1908. There is a white square masonry tower with a gallery and red lantern, attached to the one-story keeper’s dwelling. There is an additional 2-story house and additional small buildings as well. The lighthouse is 19.6 feet (6 meters) tall and stands 55.7 feet (17 meters) above the high tide mark. The lighthouse was electrified in 1951. In 1987 the lighthouse was automated.

Visit Tvistein Lighthouse

  • In 2006 the light station was sold to private individuals.
  • The lighthouse is accessible only by boat, but one cannot go into the lighthouse. You can rent a boat in Larvik or Stavern or go with your own boat.
  • The folks at VisitStavern.no are willing to help you secure a boat for the visit.

There are two other lighthouses in Larvik municipality:


  • Larvik  municipality is approximately 65 miles (105 kilometers) southwest of Oslo. It is the furthest south point in Vestfold county. Larvik has a very attractive, long coastline.
  • Travel and tourism are substantial aspects of Larvik’s economy. With its 4,500 cottages, 26 campsites, and ferry connections to Denmark, Larvik is well established as a prime vacation desination. The area has wonderful beaches, superb diving and fishing—to say nothing of its three lighthouses!
  • The Color Line connects Larvik with Hirtshals, Denmark.

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Scuba Diving near Tvistein Lighthouse which shows the remains of two wrecks.

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