Vibberodden Lighthouse, Eigersund

Vibberodden Lighthouse, Eigersund
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Vibberodden Lighthouse (Norwegian: Vibberodden fyr) is a harbor lighthouse in Eigersund, Rogaland, Norway. It is located at the southeast point of Eigerøy about 5 miles (8 km) south of Eigersund and marks the west side of the entrance to the narrow fjord leading to Eigersund. It stands 29.8 feet (32.9 meters) tall and 72 feet (22 meters) above the high tide mark. It was established in 1855 (one year after the Eigerøy Lighthouse), and automated in 1977. Note that Viberodden (with only one b) is a spelling which also occurs

Friends of Vibberodden Foundation

Vibberodden LighthouseToday, Vibberodden Lighthouse  has come under the protection and care of the Friends of Vibberodden Foundation which works in conjunction with the Coast Guard. The foundation consists of Egersund Coastal Society, Dalane Folk Museum and Eigersund municipality, but is based on everyone who feels a friendship with the lighthouse and want to contribute, is welcome. 
Friends of Vibberodden Foundation (norwegian site).

Accommodation in Eigersund

Grand Hotel , Johan Feyersgate, 4370 Egersund, 51 40 60 60

Eigersund Diving Club

  • Website: http://www.egersund-dykkeklubb.no/english.html
  • Eigersund is in the direct path of the Gulf Stream and is a great diving locale. Divers enjoy the area all year round. In the winter, water temperatures are between 37° – 50°F (3° – 10°C) and the water is marvelously clear with visibility up to 160 feet (50 meters). There are nearby wrecks to explore and abudant fish in the summer. Visiting divers are usually well pleased.
  • Contact, by letter: Egersund Dykkeklubb, 
Postboks 282
4379, Eigersund, Norway
  • Email: kontakt@egersund-dykkeklubb.no
  • online contact: http://www.egersund-dykkeklubb.no/kontakt-oss.html

See larger map

See larger map.

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