Villa Lighthouse on the Folda Sea

Villa Lighthouse on the Folda Sea
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Villa Lighthouse stands on Villa island in Flatanger municipality, Nord-Trondelag. It is located on the western side of the island facing the Folda Sea, a wide, 31 mile (50 km) firth that narrows to a 47 mile (75 km) fjord called the Foldfjord.

  • The 300 acre (1.2-square-kilometer island lies about  1.03 mi (1.65 kilometers) northwest of the village of Lauvsnes on the mainland and about 3.1 mi (5 kilometers) west of the island of Bjørøya.  The island had some permanent residents until the 1960s, but now it is uninhabited. Large parts of the island consists of rocky mountains and rocks, but it also has bogs and heather areas and offers a rich flora, with some rare plants such as the yellow water-lily
  • This lighthouse was built in 1839. The 49 foot (15-meter) tall tower was built of granite, soapstone, and brick in a hexagonal shape. An elaborate cast-iron staircase leads up to the entrance of the lighthouse. It became inactive and was closed in 1890.
  • Villa was one of the six coal-fired lighthouses built in Norway during the 1800s, and it is the best preserved of them all. It was the last coal burner lighthouse built in Norway—perhaps the last in the world. In 1859, it was upgraded to burn liquid fuels. When the lighthouse closed in 1890, the lens was moved to the Nordøyan Lighthouse.

Friends of Villa Lighthouse

Friends of Villa Lighthouse was formed in April 1976 to take care of the lighthouse. There had been extensive decline to the structure since it was closed in 1890. Friends of the lighthouse signed an agreement with the Coast Guard to take over maintenance of the Villa Lighthouse. Today, the group has also taken on responsibility for the maintenance of the boathouse and keeper assistant’s property. The lighthouse, assistant house, and boathouse are protected.

 Contact Villa Lighthouse

  • Tel.: +47 970 10 490/418
  • Flatanger kommune, 7770 Flatanger
  • Hours: 08.00-15.30 Tlf: 74 22 11 00
  • Fax: +47 74 22 11 80
  • Email: postmottak@flatanger.kommune.no

Accommodations at Villa Lighthouse

  • Accommodations are arranged by: Einvika overnatting & havfiske
  • Reidar Einvik, 7770 Flatanger, NORGE
  • Mobil: +47 9701 0490
  • Fax: +47 7428 8309
  • Email: rheinvik@online.no
  • The lighthouse keeper’s house has 15 beds
  • Breakfast is served.
  • Light is from the solar panel. There is a gas stove and gas fridge.
  • Price NOK 100 per person per night. Reserve NOK 1000
  • We now accept cards at Einvika. Closest cash machine at Lauvsnes 4 km before you reach Einvika.
  • Einvika also arranges tours to Villa Lighthouse.

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