Midnight Sun – When the night is absent

When the night is absent, nature’s director takes over and creates immortal scenes. To experience the midnight sun, the eternal summer, is something we all should experience, once in our lifetime.

The Midnight sun is a phenomenon that occurs from late June through late July. Between the spring equinox and autumn equinox, between the Arctic Circle and the North Pole. The amount of midnight sun increases with as you get farther north, being greatest at the Pole, where it is possible to see the sun continuously for six months.

The same areas that have the midnight sun in summer have polar night in the opposite period in the winter. Because of twilight effects (refraction),during much of this winter period, there isn’t necessarily complete darkness 24 hours a day.

The midnight sun is not a sun that appears at midnight. It’s the same sun that was there the whole day. The same sun that first rises in the eastern kingdom, the one that shines on Mount Everest, the one that heats up India, and the one that melts the snow in Europe after the winter, and it is the same sun that sets in the west. The midnight sun is the sun facing the sunrise without releasing the night. In tropical areas, the sunset and sunrise are short, intense and colorful. In the midnight sun areas, the sunset lasts much longer, and the color game is different. The sun moves low over the horizon, or just below it, but it doesn’t set.

The beauty of the midnight sun is the light. The warm light colors the trees and rocks. Sea and clouds come out in a way that nothing else can replicate. What is dark and cold, in the colors of the day, turns a warm glow at night. A green forest gets dressed in a very special atmosphere in the midnight sun. Green colors are extra heavy because the nocturnal sun is low in energy in the cold part of the spectrum. Tree trunks, rocks, and mountains, and so forth that are neutral and warmer colors, light up.

It’s hard to even sleep through a summer night in the north. The night is too beautiful for sleeping.You can sleep through winter. During winter, the sun doesn’t show up, at all.