Widerøe’s Explore Norway Ticket

Widerøe’s Explore Norway Ticket
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Simply one of the best deals around!

Widerøe’s Explore Norway Ticket — Fly as much as you like!

Unlimited flights with Widerøe for 2 weeks! Perfect for lighthouse enthusiasts.


Widerøe has flights to destinations all over Norway.

The Explore Norway Ticket is valid for unlimited travel in Norway for 2 weeks in the summer. (In 2014, June 19 – August 27.) This is a great deal for anyone who wants to visit the marvelous lighthouses of Norway.

Widerøe divides Norway into 3 zones, and you can choose between traveling in one zone, two zones, or the whole of Norway. Using Widerøe’s Explore Norway Ticket you can visit up to 43 destinations all over Norway. Visit famous destinations such as Lofoten, North Cape, Ålesund, Bergen and the Fjords and visit smaller unique towns such as Haugesund and Kristiansand. See below a list of Widerøe destinations and the lighthouses which are nearby.

Visit Widerøe’s site and buy your Explore Norway Ticket!

Aerial Sightseeing

  • Making city-to-city hops with Widerøe is a lot of fun. Twin-engine turboprops service big cities and remote communities.
  • The fleet is entirely Dash 8 aircraft which have high wings – ideal for en route sightseeing of Norway’s complex coastline, its famous fjords, mountains, and archepelagos. Seen from the air, Norway’s stunning geography is made clear to you as no text book could possibly do. Widerøe’s short hops are sightseeing trips in themselves.
  • Air travel by Widerøe makes trips quick and easy that would take quite a bit more time and energy by car, bus, train, or boat.
  • Note:  Please be aware that availability is limited per flight, so we advise you plan and book each flight as early as possible.

Here’s the Deal. Choose between:

  • One zone* for $485
  • Two zones* for $590
  • All Norway for $690
  • Additonal week for $300
  • Children receive 25% discount.

*Zone boundaries are at Trondheim and Tromsø. All flights and taxes included in the price. Terms described on this Widerøe website page.

Widerøe Destinations—Nearby Lighthouses



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